Annotation is not editable after being imported from another document


After we import an annotation from another document, and position it, the annotation is not editable.


The following code is the proper way to import and re-position (using Annot.Resize) an annotation onto the target page

PDFDoc source("path_to_source_pdf"); source.InitSecurityHandler(); pdfviewctrl->DocLock(true); // if viewing the target document, lock it first PDFDoc* target = pdfviewctrl->GetDoc(); Obj* src_annot = source.GetPage(1).GetAnnot(0); SDFDoc* sd = target->GetSDFDoc(); src_annot->Erase("P"); // erase reference to source page, to prevent importing more than what is needed Obj* dest_annot = sd->ImportObj(src_annot, true); Annot new_annot(dest_annot); target->GetPage(1).AnnotPushBack(new_annot); // calculate new position on target page new_annot.Resize(new_rect_position); // Important! pdfviewctrl->DocUnlock(); // unlock pdfviewctrl->Update(new_annot, 1); // refresh page