Annotation of StampAnnotation changes the opacity set to 1 after document load

I am currently facing an issue where i want my StampAnnotations to have an opacity of 0.4 by default. And on selection, I change this opacity to 1.
I made a custom annotation that extends StampAnnotation and I set the opacity to 0.4 in the constructor.
When the document is rendered, I see that my icons (stamp annotations) are on 0.4 of opacity. But it doesn’t take long to change, if scroll I see that certain annotations are of opacity of 1, so does the ones in the previous pages if I go back.
It seems I can’t set the opacity to a fixed value visually, but in the code if i take a StampAnnotation and see its Opacity it will be 0.4.

Does somebody have an explanation on what is going wrong ? I use the annotationManager to add the annotation, then redraw it.

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Thanks for contacting us. I will escalate this to our dedicated SDK to get proper support on this. In the meantime, could you confirm exactly which product you are using? It looks like PDFNet but please also tell us what OS you are using this on.

We will also probably need to see your current source code, as well as a sample of the input/output you are working with to properly investigate this issue.

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Could you please provide screenshots, or better yet, a video, of what you are describing.

Also, what framework are you using? It is unclear what platform you are on.

Finally, can you provide the PDF in question.

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