Annotation toolbar support colored icons?

Product: PDFTron android SDK

Product Version: 9.4.2

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Can’t figure out how to add a tint color to an icon in the annotation toolbar.

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We are adding a custom icon to the .addToolbarBuilder() like so:


The following code snippet will render the icon with a gray tint instead of the red in the vector drawable.

Is it possible to add color to the toolbar selectable buttons??

Hi Seth,
Could you post a mockup of what you are expecting to see?
When any button is selected, the button is tinted with some color:


@Shirley_G The iOS sdk allows the icons themselves to be colored whereas the Android sdk seems to not allow color. This is as image of what I mean. the icon itself being colored :slight_smile:

@seth.pacheco This feature is not supported on Android sdk, please feel free to submit a feature request ticket here: Request a feature | Apryse. On Android, only selected icon will show color. Thanks.