Annotations import issue

We are currently importing annotations from xfdf file to pdf file as in the example:

It all works fine, when the document is being opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader, or similar, but when it comes to opening it with Chrome's native viewer or in iOS with iBooks, outlook or Adobe Reader, as our customers often do, the annotations won't appear. For example if we open it with Acrobat and then modify/save the document then all annotations would appear in Chrome/iOS viewer, even though they are now flattened. If we do flatten them with FlattenAnnotations(true), they will show up even in Chrome/iOS, but then we loose the option for editing them in viewers, which were displaying them properly in the first place.

We think the problem lies somewhere in the FDFMerge function. Is there another way of importing annotations to pdf or anything else we could do, so that we're able to view our annotations correctly on both Adobe reader (as editable objects) and in Chrome/iOS (as flattened)


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XFDF merging with PDFNet should generate annotations that work find with other PDF viewers.

It would be best if you sent source PDF and XFDF files to support.