AnnotInsert not working in version 9.4

Product: Pdftron C++

Product Version:9.4
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Please describe your issue and provide steps to reproduce it: In version the 8.1 the AnnotInsert is working whereas in 9.4 version the its not working.
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PDF::PDFDoc pDiffDoc;
pDiffDoc.AppendVisualDiff(page1, page2, &diffOptions);
std::vector imported_pages = pActivePdfDoc->ImportPages({ pDiffDoc.GetPage(1) });
Element element = builder.CreateForm(imported_pages[imported_pages.size() - 1]);

	pdftron::SDF::Obj new_app_stm = writer.End();

	PDF::Annot overlayAnnot = PDF::Annot::Create(*pActivePdfDoc, PDF::Annot::Type::e_Unknown,
		PDF::Rect(0, 0, wd, ht));

	activePage.AnnotInsert(0, overlayAnnot);	
	m_viewCtrl->Update(overlayAnnot, activePage.GetIndex());

Hi Blessy,

ActivePDF Server version 8.1 is a different product than PDFTron 9.4. Which one are you using?

Can you please let me know how to determine which version need to be used in which we have PDFViewCtrl in C++ and above code also works. Currently we are using this for CAD related functions.

PDFViewSimple is no longer included in our default package because it is incompatible with Azure.

For the moment we still have a version that includes it, and you can find the latest 9.4 version that includes the PDFViewCtrl here:

This is the version I am using but the annotation is not working in it.
I want a version where there is PDFViewCtrl and Annot::Create also working.
Kindly assist.

Any update on the above problem

If you’ve upgraded to the latest version and still need assistance, please open a support ticket.