annotList and annotationList params not working in exportAnnotations

Product: Apryse JavaScript SDK

Product Version: 10.1.1

Please give a brief summary of your issue:
I am trying to export only a selection of redaction annotations which is provided as an array as below:

        const { annotationManager } = viewerInstance.Core;
        const xfdfAnnot = await annotationManager.exportAnnotations({
          annotationList: newAnnotations,

I found two option parameters annotationList, annotList and when I provide the array to annotationList, it doesn’t have any effect and just gives out the XFDF for whole document. When I provide it as annotList, it doesn’t have any annotations in resulting XFDF. If both is provided, it also returns XFDF with no annotations in it.

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I updated the package to version 10.5.1 and it’s working now. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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Thanks for letting us know. I will close this issue out.

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