API onExportAnnotationCommand not working!

Product: React Native Pdftron

Product Version: 3.0.2-beta.78

I found the issue when I set CollabEnabled={true}, the API onExportAnnotationCommand sometime not working!

I use your example, just add CollabEnabled={true} to your example project and watch.

This is the issue I reproduce: Screen Recording 2022-03-22 at 08.45.47.mov - Google Drive

And I can’t create a new ticket on your website, because the field Product all way show Please select a product, although I choose before
Ex: Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 14.55.53.png - Google Drive

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In order for collabEnabled to work as expected you have to set the currentUser. This should resolve your issue.


For more information see here

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Hi support team,

Thanks for the quick reply. I add the currentUser like your guide, and the bug still happens, It will be happening sometime. Please watch my demo.

I use your example, just add CollabEnabled={true} and currentUser={‘Pdftron’} to your example project and watch. To easy watching, in function onExportAnnotationCommand in line 66, remove
console.log(‘xfdfCommand’, xfdfCommand); and keep console.log(‘action’, action);. It make me can see api working or not.

Demo: Screen Recording 2022-03-23 at 07.34.48.mov - Google Drive

Thanks and best regards.

Hi @nguyenhp thanks for the additional information. We are investigating and will update you as soon as more information available. Thanks.

@nguyenhp Is this issue blocking your release right now? What’s your release timeline? This issue may take more time to resolve. Thanks.

Hi @Shirley_G .

These are critical bugs, so we will wait for the fix and released after. Please fix It as soon as good. Thank you

Hi @nguyenhp

Thanks for your patience, can you try this branch in your app to see if it resolves your issue?


Hi support team,

thanks for the fix, it works better.

Hi @nguyenhp

We’re glad that things are working better for you. If you have any concerns or issues please let us know. If you have no further issues, we will update the React Native master branch to include this fix.


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Final update that this fix is now part of master as of this commit: Update to 9.2.2-beta05 (#540) · PDFTron/pdftron-react-native@271e404 · GitHub

Thanks for reporting this issue.

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