Appearance signing mode errors when a signature is created

WebViewer Version: 10.9

Do you have an issue with a specific file(s)? no
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Does the issue only happen on certain browsers? no
Is your issue related to a front-end framework? no
Is your issue related to annotations? maybe?

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Appearance signing mode errors when a signature is created

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  1. go to
  2. in the console, issue the following script:
  1. create a signature field
  2. sign it
  3. observe the console as you press the create button on the signature dialog. It should result in the following error:

Please provide a link to a minimal sample where the issue is reproducible:

Hello Patrick,

Thank you for reporting this bug through WebViewer Forums.

I was able to reproduce this bug as well. I noticed that the issue doesn’t show up when we first create a default signature and then apply the appearance signing mode to create signatures after. This could be a workaround for now as I have forwarded a report for the development team to review. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Sadly this is not a workaround for our particular use case. I cannot have any signatures in the list of signatures, or else the dropdown opens and not the signature create dialog. I have hidden the signature dropdown as well due to another bug that I’ve reported.

Has there been any development on this? or do you have any other ideas for a workaround?

Hello Patrick,

Thank you for reaching out.

There are currently no updates about this issue. If you can provide its urgency and how it is impacting your workflow, I would be happy to pass that along to our development team.

This may be an extensive workaround but you can programatically apply a default signature, delete it and delete from signatures list, and then change the signature tool to appearance mode which seems to work. More information here: Signature-tool | Apryse Documentation


just so I’m understanding, before changing to appearance mode, I create a default signature, apply it to a field, delete that signature from the field, and then remove the signature from the list of signatures. Yes?

I’d be interested in seeing the internal state of the library before and after that, as I would expect them to be the same.

Hello Patrick,

That looks to be correct. You can try that out on our showcase demo manually before implementing the workaround and it seems to not show the error anymore. The error is related to the annotation history manager so I think there is an issue with populating a signature at first for appearance mode.