Append file from user upload

Product Version: 6.14.16

Is it possible to append a pdf to a file that you have in memory from a user upload, without saving it to a server somewhere first?

Basically what I’m asking is, is there a way to display a pdf from a URL in the webviewer, then have the user select a pdf file from their own hard drive to append to the first one, without sending the new file up to the server so it can be retrieved from its own URL?

You can create a WebViewer Document instance with instance.createDocument(url) API and use insertPages API to merge two documents. If you want to merge to the currently opened document you can use instance.docViewer.getDocument() API. I recommend checking out this guide as well.

So you can only do it with a url?

You can pass different sources to instance.createDocument(url) it can be url, blob, file and etc