Apryse SDK 10.7.0 is now available

We are happy to announce that Apryse SDK 10.7.0 is now available for download for server and desktop platforms. Some key changes include:

  • A new interface to run form detection and add form fields to PDF. (DataExtractionModule.DetectAndAddFormFieldsToPDF())
  • A supporting option to decide how pre-existing and overlapping form fields should be handled when using DataExtractionModule.DetectAndAddFormFieldsToPDF.
  • New DataExtractionModule Forms Key Value engine, that provides a way to detect forms as well as field names and values. Currently this API is experimental and subject to change.
  • Added the option to utilize deep learning to assist the Doc Structure engine at the expense of higher computing costs. (DataExtractionOptions.SetDeepLearningAssist())
  • Added an API to fill in .docx template files using an input .json that produces .docx output. (TemplateDocument.FillTemplateJsonToOffice())
  • Added functions to allow trusted certificates to be retrieved from VerificationOptions. (VerificationOptions.GetTrustedCertificateCount() and VerificationOptions.GetTrustedCertificate())
  • Added Electron 23-26
  • Added Node 21
  • Various fixes and improvements

See the changelog for more details.

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