Apwebgrabber is not creating object instance in vb.net windows application

At present i am working on vb.net windows application development.
In that HTML to PDF convert functionality was implemented by previous team member by using ActivePdf apwebgrabber component.

When i copied the application in a new windows server the apwebgrabber is always returning “Nothing” and no object instance is created.

I have only the below 2 DLLs,

  1. APWebGrabber.Net35.dll
    FileVersion: 2013.2.2.16089
    Description: WebGrabber.Net35
    Copyright : Active PDF 2012
    File size : 450KB
    Bit : 32 bit
    Digital signature : No

  2. LiquidTechnologies.Runtime.Net35.dll
    Description: Liquid Technologies - XML Library for .Net 3.5
    Product Name : Liquid XML Data Binder 2013
    Copyright : 2001 - 2013 Liquid Technologies Limited
    File size : 207KB
    Bit : 32 bit
    Digital signature & Validity : Liquid Technologies Limited & 27.Jan.2013 to 22.Apr.2015

Hence in order to make the above two components working does it require any software installed ?
Any license is required ?

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I’ll be happy to assist you. The version of WebGrabber you are using is very old and no longer supported, so I will need some more information from you.

  • Are you running your application on the same server you have WebGrabber installed?

  • What version of WebGrabber do you have installed? Is it the same version as the APWebGrabber.Net35.dll (2013.2.2.16089). If you have updated WebGrabber you will need to rebuild your application with the same version of APWebGrabber.Net#.dll. The current version will be installed on the WebGrabber server to C:\Program Files\ActivePDF\WebGrabber\bin.

  • On the old server did you have the WebGrabber Remote Component installed?

I do suggest you download the latest version of WebGrabber as your version is over a decade old at this point. You can find it here:

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