Are the positions returned by search method GetCurrentQuads accurate?

I think that a likely explanation is that the redaction coordinate system does not match coords returned by GetCurrentQuads (). You can fix this using the last paramether in the call to Redactor::Redact:


page_coord_sys - if true, redaction coordinates are relative to the lower-left corner of the page, otherwise the redaction coordinates are defined in PDF user coordinate system (which may or may not coincide with page coordinates).

On Tuesday, February 12, 2013 5:47:25 PM UTC-8, James Dustin wrote:

i’m investigating using the points returned from using TextSearch - GetHighlights - GetCurrentQuads to build a rectangle for performing a redaction with RedactPDF().
Is this the recommended method?
For some of my test documents the redaction areas lines up perfectly with the text but with another pdf (an ebook pdf) the redaction area is always in the wrong place (it looks like it’s above and to the right by about 100 pixels approx). Any ideas what could be causing this?