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WebViewer Version: 8.11.0

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There are few issues listed below.

  • annotation xml does not have start time parameter for audio files.
  • similar to video files, there is no way to render the audio annotations and go to a particular annotation timestam using apis.

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Open a audio file
add annotations to the file
xml does not have start / end time.

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Hello @ankit.jain,

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  1. Source input file
  2. Screenshots / video replication of your issue, highlighting where the issue occurs, explaining expected vs. actual behavior
  3. Any errors thrown in console / failed network logs
  4. Can you reproduce the issue using our samples (especially on our site)? You can find our WebViewer-audio demo here: Annotate Audio Track Demo with JavaScript | Apryse WebViewer
  5. WebViewer-Audio Version
  6. How are you currently extracting the XML from the annotations? Would you be able to provide code snippets?

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  1. It is happening for all the audio files.
  2. When we add any annotation to video file in the xml, it gives a parameter called
    trn-video-start-time but annotation on audio does not have any, and it does not render on the audio files when we come back to the file.
  3. No errors thrown.
  4. Your demo version uses Webviewer 10.0. Also we can not reload the files with audio annotations.
  5. WebViewer-Audio Version : 2.17.3
  6. using the function - annotationManager.exportAnnotationCommand() to get the xml.

Attaching the following things.

  1. Annotation xml ( Video ) -

"<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" ?>\n<xfdf xmlns=\"\" xml:space=\"preserve\">\n<fields />\n<add />\n<modify>\n<square page=\"0\" rect=\"179.740,322.260,322,447.480\" color=\"#C544CE\" flags=\"print,noview\" name=\"404709e8-3429-8cfd-ab06-51510d2f332d\" title=\"Rakesh Edavalath\" subject=\"Rectangle\" date=\"D:20240314222851+05'30'\" width=\"4.402413174629056\" creationdate=\"D:20240314150107+05'30'\"><trn-custom-data bytes=\"{&quot;trn-video-start-time&quot;:&quot;21.803212&quot;,&quot;trn-video-end-time&quot;:&quot;21.803212&quot;}\"/><contents>&lt;p&gt;Test&lt;/p&gt;</contents></square>\n<circle page=\"0\" rect=\"593.740,604.220,637.190,634.890\" color=\"#E44234\" flags=\"print\" name=\"715226d5-e298-f72b-3b1f-140572039142\" title=\"Rakesh Edavalath\" subject=\"Ellipse\" date=\"D:20240314222851+05'30'\" creationdate=\"D:20240314222836+05'30'\"><trn-custom-data bytes=\"{&quot;trn-video-start-time&quot;:&quot;5.586279&quot;,&quot;trn-video-end-time&quot;:&quot;5.586279&quot;}\"/><contents>&lt;p&gt;Remove this from all frames starting here &lt;span class=\"mention\" data-index=\"0\" data-denotation-char=\"@\" data-id=\"8ccb85c8-b8ad-4973-b3cf-96f826526717\" data-value=\"amanda desouza\"&gt;&lt;span contenteditable=\"false\"&gt;@amanda desouza&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/span&gt; &lt;/p&gt;</contents></circle>\n</modify>\n<delete />\n</xfdf>"

  1. Annotation XML ( Audio ) - `

<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" ?>\n<xfdf xmlns=\"\" xml:space=\"preserve\">\n<fields />\n<add />\n<modify>\n<text page=\"0\" rect=\"228.710,422,259.710,453\" color=\"#FFCD45\" flags=\"print,nozoom,norotate\" name=\"eb5be2fd-d07f-fdc0-b768-7e4692157be3\" title=\"Ankit Jain\" subject=\"Note\" date=\"D:20240315101415+05'30'\" creationdate=\"D:20240315101330+05'30'\" icon=\"Comment\" statemodel=\"Review\"><contents>&lt;p&gt;Test annotation Note on audio&lt;/p&gt;</contents></text>\n<text page=\"0\" rect=\"316.990,435.910,347.990,466.910\" color=\"#FFCD45\" flags=\"print,nozoom,norotate\" name=\"1e610f9a-f213-fcbd-382f-8a0d362e92d2\" title=\"Ankit Jain\" subject=\"Note\" date=\"D:20240315101415+05'30'\" creationdate=\"D:20240315101402+05'30'\" icon=\"Comment\" statemodel=\"Review\"><contents>&lt;p&gt;Test annotation at 10 seconds.&lt;/p&gt;</contents></text>\n</modify>\n<delete />\n</xfdf>


For Video Attachement- Can you share the email, Not able to upload the video because of video size.