Auto Commit FreeHand Annotation on iOS After Set Time

Using the FreeHand annotation in MultiStrokeMode on iOS is it feasible to implement “auto-committing” the FreeHand annotation after a set period of time has elapsed since the last drawing stroke was made? I’m thinking of starting a timer each time a stroke is completed, resetting the timer when a new stroke is started and calling commitAnnotation if a certain period (say 1 or 2 seconds) elapses since the last stroke was made. For starters I am not sure how to detect when a stroke finishes. Any thoughts or pointers would be appreciated.

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Yes, you could certainly implement something that groups strokes into a single annotation based on time. You might want to consider adding a distance threshold too.

To start you could you could set FreeHandCreate’s multistrokeMode to true, and then in onTouchesEnded, reset your timer (and/or test the distance threshold). The timer could call commitAnnotation.