Azure App Service: Can PDFNet.dll (.Net Framework 32 bit) be used?

May I deploy PDF.Net for Azure App Service.

I have been attempted to follow the instructions relating to VC++ dlls -!searchin/pdfnet-sdk/azure%7Csort:date/pdfnet-sdk/DaFnZtUlbQg/3fSdkUhAK_EJ

I’ve been through all current posts and don’t have a definitive answer.

It appears that my only other option is an Azure VM rather than a Azure App Service.

The error I get is as attached.

Accepted limitation on Azure App Services at this stage is that it is 32bit for .Net Framework.

Screenshot 2020-02-07 at 08.18.25.png

Our SDK comes in both 32bit and 64bit versions. See the Lib folder in the .Net download.

Please note that our SDK requires GDI+ to load/access fonts on the OS. I believe the cheapest Azure options sandbox and block GDI+ access. Please review the documentation of the Azure App Service you are using. You may need to upgrade to a VM.