Azure AppService with HTML2PDF

Just curious if anyone in this community has a nice example for deploying the HTML2PDF module alongside a Node Typescript Application in Azure App Service? I am running into some errors with the module and tried the Linux dependency stuff I found in Apryse docs.

MY tech stack is Node 18, Typescript / Express App utilizing the HTML2PDF module for Linux. It works perfectly on my local machine just not when deployed although other static test routes work.

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Hi Tyler,

Can you clarify what errors you are running into? If you are able to provide some logs we can try and help investigate the issue.

hello Kia,
This is the only log i am getting from Apryse, {
“errors”: [
“message”: {
“message”: “Exception: \n\t Message: This version of HTML2PDF module is not compatible with this SDK. Please download the latest module from\nApryse Developer Portal Conditional expression: exit_code == 0\n\t Version : 10.8.0-842bd75\n\t Platform : Linux\n\t Architecture : AMD64\n\t Filename : Html2Pdf.cpp\n\t Function : Convert\n\t Linenumber : 454\n”,
“type”: “PDFWorkerError”

Hi Tyler,

Can you clarify which version of the module you are using? Make sure you are using the correct version of the module (most updated, ARM vs x86, correct OS):

Which version of html2pdf module should I use for a Linux based x64 system? I am just on the outof box linux server for Azure App Services.

The latest Linux HTML2PDF module should be sufficient:

If you are still running into some issues, you can try the following guide to make sure you have all the required permissions and dependencies: