Azure Functions PDFnet SDK


We’re trying to integrate PDFNet SDK from nuget in a azure functions but every time we publish the solution we’re getting an assembly not found error. We made sure that the dll is in the bin folder of the deployment environment. Is there any steps I need to do before I can use the SDK in the azure function environment? We’re using a precompiled function development in VS2017.

EDIT : Confirmed that the environment has a VC++ 2010 Redistributable x86 installed, also the the said azure function is working locally on my machine. Developing the function to use a 32-bit machine / dlls.

If your process is running as 64bit, then you need the 64bit PDFNet.dll, and 64bit VC++ 2010 redistributables.

If you are still using the PDFNetLoader.dll assemlby, then remove that reference and any related code (typically single static call), and just reference PDFNet.dll normally.

If none of that helps can you post all the diagnostic information that you can.

If you can run SysInternals ProcessMonitor that is also useful in finding out why an assembly is not loading, since .Net will access the filesystem, but it might be that you can’t run ProcessMonitor on Azure.