Batch converting PDF/TIF//PNG/JPG/GIF to 'embedded' SVG.


I'm looking for means of batch converting a number of TIF/PDF/PNG/JPG/
GIF into and as EMBEDDED images in SVG

There should be no vectorizing involved, since the sources bitmaps are
often very low res.

Or put it another way. The source files are to be left untouched. The
SVG's are just a means of viewing them on-line.

You could use PDFNet SDK ( coupled with
PDF2SVG SDK ( PDF2SVG can convert any
PDF document to SVG, and you can use PDFNet SDK to dynamically (i.e.
in memory) convert TIF/PNG/JPG/GIF/BMP etc to PDF.

Regarding embedded SVG images, PDF2SVG has an option that will produce
'stand-alone' SVG files by embedding all images.


Since the product is called PDF2SVG can it also produce BITMAP2SVG
embed the images). I don't have only PDF's, but also JPEG, TIF, PNG,
GIF etc.

PDF2SVG can only convert PDF to SVG. On the other hand PDFNet SDK can
convert TIF/PNG/JPG/GIF/BMP etc to PDF (please see AddImage sample

So using PDF2SVG together with PDFNet SDK you can convert any PDF/TIF/
PNG/JPG/GIF/BMP to stand-alone/embedded SVG.