Black rectangles e_path type that is not in the original PDF

Your tools are great! Sure I am doing somethig wrong.

Please see this image:

The original PDF do not have those black rectangles. I recreate the
PDF using Element like this:

                        case Element::e_path:
                                echo "some black e_path here :(";

                        case Element::e_image:
                        case Element::e_inline_image:
                        case Element::e_shading:
                        case Element::e_null:
                        case Element::e_group_begin:
                        case Element::e_group_end:
                        case Element::e_marked_content_begin:
                        case Element::e_marked_content_end:
                        case Element::e_marked_content_point:
                        case Element::e_form:


Thank you in advance!

PS: those path have some kind of disable property that I must read? or
PS2: I note that those black renctangles are near to text when an
image is close.

You can identify clipping paths, when processing, as follows:

case Element::e_path:

if (element->IsClipPath())

Futhermore, you could skip output of clipping paths when their bbox (element->GetBBox()) signitifanctly overlaps with the text bbox?

Alternatively you could try to delete (i.e. skip) child elements in a clip (until you hit Element::e_group_end) and set path fill to false.

These are just some ideas.