Blank Document not created after clicking on split-to-new on left pannel


Product Version: 8.7

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When split-to-new is clicked after using side-by-side functionality, blank document is not created

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  1. Open two documents using view and

  2. Click on 1 document and use split-
    to-new which creates a blank new document on right side panel. It’s working as expected.

  3. Then select both documents together and open side-by-side.

  4. Now close side-by-side option and click on 1 document and open it using split-to-new.

Expected result: Document should open a New Blank document.

Actual result: Same document is displayed on right side.

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Code snippet:

This occurs after migration from version 7 to 8.7.
Compared the codes line by line of different version repos, nothing has changed in this from old to new.

This issue occurs only in the specific case as mentioned above.


Thank you for contacting WebViewer forums,

When you mention side-by-side functionality, do you mean the side-by-side compare mode?

Note that this feature is available from WebViewer 8.9 onwards.

If not, could you show us step by step how you opened the side-by-side functionality and where the split-to-new was clicked?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

Hi Kevin,

I added additional steps, let me know if you have more questions.

  • Open document viewer with 2 documents, highlight the two documents and right click to select view side by side option.
  • This opens the 2 files for view side by side
  • Drag and drop a page from the file on the right to the file on the left
  • select the save button from the advanced options on the left file.
  • select Close side by side view option
  • Now right click on the file from the list view that has the edits, select split to new
  • Expected behavior, split to new option opens up a “new blank document” on the right side
  • Actual: Split to new option opens up the second file from the list view option.

Thank you for all your help.



Thank you for your response,

Unfortunately, I am not aware of how you are doing step 1: opening the documentViewer with 2 documents on 8.7.

Below is the available demos we have for ‘side-by-side’ view:

Can you share the sample repository or a guide that you are following to enable the side-by-side view for WebViewer?

Apologies and thank you for your patience.

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

Hi Kevin,

In package.json file: - “@pdftron/webviewer”: “^8.7.0”,

Expected Result:-

Actual Result:-

Best Regards,

Hi there,

On 8.7 WebViewer these are the options available for page insertion:

On 8.9 WebViewer these are the options available:

I believe you have custom code setup for UI page manipulations (PDFTron Systems Inc. | Documentation)

Could you provide a minimal running sample project so I can try reproducing it on my end?
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

Hi Kevin

WebViewer version is 8.9.0.


Not able to upload all screenshots due restriction. Gif also have restriction of 4MB.

Best regards,

Hi there,

Thank you for confirming that this was a custom implemented feature.

I won’t be able to troubleshoot your custom code, but I believe you can simply apply the same logic using the insert Blank Page guide here:

Additionally, you can also try out the multi-tab feature which may fit your use-case:

Best regards,
Kevin Kim

Hi Kevin,
We resolved this issue by adding back closeDocument() back in 8.10.
This was causing the issue in 8.7 and 8.10 closeDocument fix from PDFTron helped resolve this issue