BUG? Inconsistent view in CompleteReader

Using the CompleteReader project I could see following problem:

  1. Press the edit icon in the actionBar
  2. Press the rectangle icon
  3. Now press the bottom section of the activity where you normally press to get the scrollbar, you will see that the uglier scrollbar of the project PDFViewCtrlTools comes up over the scrollbar of the CompleteReader project.

This is of course also reproducible with the original source code of CompleteReader.
Attached a screenshot where you can see the problem.


Hi David,

The built-in toolbar can be turned on/off using mToolManager.setBuiltInPanModeToolbarEnable(boolean).
In this case, you can set it to false to hide the built-in toolbar. (In the sample I believe it was set to true)

Hope this helps!