Buggy PDF document created by a third party PDF creator.

Q: When I use PDFNet to merge this document I get tossed an exception.
The same code is used for 1000's of concatenations, so I'm thinking
there's something that pdfnet doesn't like in the last PDF, but perhaps
it's something else.


Our developers found that this file is internally corrupt. The file was
produced by a third party PDF producer (called 'snowbound'). We can't
guarantee that PDFNet will process invalid documents, but I will let
you know if we come up with a workaround for this specific document.
  It is confirmed, the file is buggy. You would be best of using
another PDF creation
  library (such as PDFNet). You may want to try to manually resave the
file in Acrobat
  Pro. Alternatively we could write a small program to automatically
fix this type of files.