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CAD Module does not work in a LInux environment.
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I have installed the CAD Module in a Linux env, and does not work. There is something strange in the file I donwloaded CADModuleLinux.tar.gz, because the forlder /Lib/Linux has only one file called “pdftronCADConvert” without extension, meanwhile in windows version has a lot of files, and works fine.
Maybe the downloaded file is corrupted?

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Could you try again. A new SDK version was released and many packages were updated, and I suspect you ran into a transient/temporary issue in the packaging.

I confirmed that the module contains the following in the Lib folder.


Thanks Ryan, I have download again the CAD Module for Linux (not the full SDK), and this module in the folder Lib/Linux/ has only one file “pdftronCADConvert”.
I suspect that this folder must contains many files as Windows version…

That is correct, there is just the one file on Linux.

This is mainly due to just some subtle packaging differences between the two platforms. The only functional difference is that RVT files are only supported on Windows.