Calculate PDF form fields based on what is entered in the previous 4 fields


Before I download and test out your product, I was wondering if your product can do what others can’t? The easiest way for me to describe what I need it to do is to give you an example.

I have a PDF file with 4 form fields(field1, field2, field3, field4) and 1 form field (totalField) that is calculated based on what is entered in the previous 4 fields. Can your software, open and fill in values into the 4 form fields, then read the calculated value in the totalField?


Yes, you can use PDFNet API to implement your requirements. As a starting point I suggest taking a look at InteractiveForms sample:

This sample shows both how to retrieve existing and set new values in PDF forms.

In case you are using PDFViewCtrl to fill in existing PDF forms you can setup event handler that will trigger your custom forms logic when the field focus is lost.