Call custom function on pdftron's textSearch

I’m newbie and using PDFtron in my angular 12 webapp

WebViewer Version: 8.0.0

  • using the WebViewer
  • issue is related to a front-end framework

brief summary of your issue:
I would like to search and highlight text and get coordinates of highlighted text and add some other custom logic
for that I am trying to call a custom function on built in search button provided by pdftron. I worked around but unable to find solution which allow me to call custom function on pdftron search button.

If any one has solution reply to this asap.

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Hello shraddhatapkire7,

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If you’re trying to programmatically search text on the document, you can use: PDFTron WebViewer Class: DocumentViewer
and PDFTron WebViewer Class: DocumentViewer for quads and getting the results.

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