Can I add any post processing code or DRM features to the WebViewer Server?

WebViewer Version: 10.6.0

Are you using the WebViewer server? Yes

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Is there a way to add any post processing code to the WebViewer Server? I really like the WebViewer Server setup, but would like to do certain things to its output. For example, possibly encrypt the returning file or any other DRM related feature. It seems the WebViewer server is so close to being usable out of the box for my use case, I’d hate to rebuild everything as a custom server if I didn’t have to. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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We have a guide here on hardening WVS: Wv-server-hardening | Apryse Documentation

Does this work for you?

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Not exactly. I’m looking for a way to either add some custom post processing to the data that is handled by the WebViewer Server or more DRM specific features for the WebViewer Server that I’m not seeing. Does that make sense?

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It looks like we dont have this out of the box, but Ill add a feature request for it. We do have a number of security options for the server found here: Wv-server-config | Apryse Documentation

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As Tyler mentioned we do not have any DRM features out of the box. This will then require a feature request. If you could give me some further details on exactly what you are trying to do I can assist.

Ideally I’d be looking for the ability to have the WebViewer Server process data, then encrypt/obfuscate the results to be sent back to the WebViewer and decrypted by the viewer or our own code for DRM purposes. I know how to write my own custom server version of this, I just see the WebViewer Server as a great setup only a couple of steps away from what I need.

If you are interested in encrypting the results and then decrypting it in the viewer, WebViewer does enable you to implement some forms of DRM. We have some documentation on DRM support for document viewing here, with some alternatives for encrypting the PDF.
DRM Support for Document Viewing
Custom Security Handler

Can you review these and let me know if they are sufficient. If not I will open an enhancement request for you.