Can I convert PDF to multipage TIFF with ccitt g4 format?

Q: I have a question about PDFTron SDK. It is possible to converter
pdf to multipage tiff with ccitt g4 format?
A: You can use PDFTron PDF2Image ( to
convert PDF multipage tiff with ccitt g4 format (using options --
multipage and --mono).

You can also use PDFNet to convert PDF to G4 tiff using PDFDraw. For

pdfdraw.Export(page, "my.tiff", "TIFF", mono_hint);

wehre 'mono_hint' is defined as in PDFDraw sample (http:// code snippet #4). To
export multi-page tiff you would need to use pdfdraw.GetBitmap()
method and export the multi-page TIFF using .NET or libtiff. As part
of the next library update we will include a convenience method in
PDFDraw class to export the entire document as multi-page TIFF.