Can I create an interactive grid in PDF?

Q: I would like to know if it is possible to create interactive grids
in PDF using your PDF API ( Not user form,
but grids for financial reporting for example. We would need to access
to each cells of a grid to add extra information as categories, sub-
totals and grand-totals (we could have sub-categories in a category).
We would need these grid to be displayed on as many page as there is
data to display.
A: In case you are looking for an interactive grid/spreadsheet in PDF,
the only way it can be achieved is using Forms (and even then it is
fairly cumbersome).

In case you simply need to draw a 'static' table...

Because a table can be drawn in an infinite number of ways PDFNet SDK
( does not offer a high-level table function.
Nevertheless, using ElementBuilder and ElementWriter class you should
be able to draw any type of table as illustrated in the following