Can I import HDPhoto (a.k.a. JPEG XR) images to PDF using PDFNet?

Q: Can the latest version of PDFNET SDK embed HDPhoto image files into
a PDF file?
If possible, and if the quality is better than embedding JPG files
with smaller size, it would be great.

A: Yes, the current version of PDFNet (
downloads.html) can import HDPhoto (a.k.a. JPEG XR) images to PDF. You
could use pdftron.PDF.Image.Create() similar to what is shown in
AddImage sample (

Please keep in mind that given that PDF format itself does not support
JPEG XR codec directly the file size for PDF may not be the same as
the original image. At the same time PDFTron HDPhoto import will
preserve the original color channels, ICC profiles, and other
important bits.