Can I keep '-' hyphen in text extracted from PDF using PDFNet?


I copy a line of chars ending with char ‘-’ (minus) to the clipboard and pasting it to somewhere else leaves the ‘-’ out.

I figured out, that the problem is not just a pdf-tron issue. Every pdf-creator I’ve tested produced the same problem. But can you please explain why it this.


When you call pdftron.PDF.TextExtractor->GetAsText(), the default parameter is true, which means the ouput text will be dehyphened; in other words, a hyphen at the end of a line that is used to connect a broken word will be removed. You can keep it by passing in ‘false’.

Hi I am also check this issue but this issue but I found many online pdf converter but no found same issue.

please help me I am also found same issue when I copy text from pdf then on clipboard missing ‘-’ char