Can I license the Light (PDF Viewer only) version of PDFNet?

Q: We only want to use PDFNet to view PDF file. We realize that, the
DLL too heavy and have too many functions. Is there any lighter
version? Which Type of License will I choose if I only want PDFViewer?
A: We could definitely provide you with a smaller viewer only version
(the basic DLL is ~4MB). The main reason for the size of the current
DLL (~ 13mb) is that it contains many built-in resources (such as
Asian CMaps, color profiles, and fonts) which are important for
accurate reproduction of arbitrary PDF documents on any system. In
past PDFNet was relying on an optional resource file (pdfnet.res),
however this was causing a fair amount of confusion, so we decided to
simplify things and merge everything together in the 'standard'
version. Still we contine to support the 'Light' version. In terms of
licensing the viewer there should be no difference from applying for a
standard OEM license (