Can I provide pdf2img with a license other than via a license file?

Product: pdf2img

Product Version: V3.50

We are using an old version of pdf2img in a software system we have built, and we have been asked to provide the software system in the form of an MSIX installer. This means that we cannot use a license file (pdf2img.lic) to provide pdf2img with its license, because one of the applications in the software system belongs to an “optional package” (in the language of MSIX) and there is no way to use modification packages to configure these. (Modification packages can configure only “main” packages; the virtualized file system is not shared by optional packages.)

Is there some other way to communicate to pdf2img its licensing information - other than via the .lic file?

NB. We cannot easily upgrade to a later version of pdf2img, because any difference in the rasterization of PDFs (even minor differences in pixel colours) is not acceptable for our use case.

It may not exist in your paticular version of pdf2image, but you can try

pdf2image --lic_key "your_key"

to pass it in as a command line argument at runtime.

Thank you Ryan, I can confirm that although it is not documented in the help text, this does work in the version of pdf2image we have. (it is necessary to specify all 3 fields found in the licence file, i.e. “lic_key”, “lic_name” and “lic_company”)