Can I share page resources when merging PDF pages from different input documents?

Q; Is there a way to share resources and use ImportPages amongst a
variable number of input PDF documents?

This sample code at the end of PDFPage sample ( ) project works,
but it only shares resources amongst the group of pages per input PDF
A: All pages in pdfdoc.ImportPages() must come from a single input
document, however you can call ImportPages() multiple times with pages
coming from different input documents. The problem is that different
documents may use different fonts even though the font names are
identical. Similarly the only way to determine that two images are
identical would be to perform binary comparison between every pair or
images, etc. This type of procedure would be slow and the final
results, in most cases, would not be worth the effort (e.g. the fonts
in PDF documents are usually subsetted so they would not be shared
even if the fonts come from the same source, etc).