Can I treat PDF field names as case-insensitive?

Q: We are moving from “ActivePDF Toolkit” to “PDFNet SDK” software,
but find a problem that all field names are case-sensitive in PDFNet
(not in Toolkit).

Is there any flag, property, or switch in VB.NET program that we can
turn off case-sensitive?
A: PDFNet is treating field names as case sensitive because they are
by definition (in ISO32000) cases sensitive. I suppose this is a bug
in the toolkit that you are migrating from.

If your software was designed with the assumption that field names are
not case sensitive you can normalize all strings to uppercase (or
lowercase - So you could
enumerate all fields in PDF and create a map of the names:

For example (

Dim MyTable As New Hashtable()
Dim itr As FieldIterator = doc.GetFieldIterator()
While itr.HasNext()
   Dim n As String = itr.Current().GetName()
   Dim n2 As String = n.ToUpper())
   MyTable.Add(n, n1)
End While

Then you can query the table and use the resulting value to search in