Can I use PDFNet from C++ on Android iOS WinRT?

Can you point me to some of your C++ examples for Android?


You can access PDFNet with the same C/C++ interface from all platforms (Android, iOS, WinRT, etc). The SDK comes with the C/C++ Headers (it is inside the Headers folder in the zip file) and you would be looking at C/C++ samples ( rather than Java. You can also find most of documentation (for different platforms) online:

If you are looking for a PDF viewer solution we recommend using the PDFViewCtrl (, which is a control created specifically for this objective


To show how to use PDFNet from C/C++ on Android we created a small “Hello World” Eclipse project:

Btw to keep file size down is not included in the zip (it should be placed under ‘libs\armeabi-v7a’).

The sample is not doing much… it just initializes PDFNet and creates a PDFDoc. The main objective it to show how to interface with Android NDK & PDFNet in an Eclipse project.