Can I use PDFNet is a VB6, FoxPro application?

Q: I am interested in your product but if I can't figure out how to
get it to work in Visual FoxPro or in VB6
A: At the moment PDFNet SDK ( is available as
a .NET component (for C#, VB.NET, etc) as well as a cross-platform C/C+
+/Java library.

Currently the only way to use PDFNet SDK from VB6, FoxPro and other
languages is via the plain C API. Unfortunately we do not have any VB
or Visual FoxPro examples at the moment. Essentially you would need to
call a C DLL API from your FoxPro application. This can be done, but
does assume that you are familiar with C/C++ development. There are
already many resources on the Net related to this topic. The following
link may be helpful: etc).

Another option is that you implement the core functionality in C/C++
and create your own COM interface which you can then easily access
from FoxPro.