Can I use PDFNet to embed fonts into existing PDF files?

Q: Can I use PDFNet to embed fonts into a .pdf file that already
exists? We use SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. It renders PDF
files, but will not embed fonts. A client of ours has their own font
and would like reports we produce to have those fonts embedded in the
PDF reports we generate for them.
A: You could use PDFNet SDK ( to embed fonts in
existing PDF documents. The amount of code needed to implement this
functionality would depend on the font structure of generated PDF
document. In some cases embedding the font can be a as easy as using
Font.CreateTrueType() and referencing
(font.GetDescriptor().FontObj("FontFile2")) the font stream in the
existing font dictionary (actually font descriptor dictionary). In
some other cases it can get more tricky.