Can I use PDFNet to print/render or generate PDF documents containing Chinese characters?


We are using your component to generate PDF-documents on a web-page.
We now need to support generating and printing PDF documents
containing Chinese characters. Does PDFNet SDK fully support Chinese
characters / fonts ?
Do you see any problems related to this ?


Using PDFNet SDK you can print and generate PDF documents containing
Chinese characters.

One thing to keep in mind is that if the document is missing Asian or
other fonts, PDFNet will attempt to find appropriate font substitute
from available systems fonts. If a substitute can't be found the page
may not render properly. To make sure that Chinese and other Asian
fonts will render properly you can download Adobe's Asian Font Pack
( To
complete the font installation, you would need to drag and drop all
'*.otf' fonts from 'Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Resource\Font' to
'WINDOWS\Fonts' folder. Alternatively you can use PDFNet.AddFontSubst
(please see PDFDraw sample [
samplecode.html#PDFDraw] for concrete examples of how to use this
method). Also keep in mind that you are not limited to fonts from
Adobe's Asian Font Pack. In fact you can use any other Asian font pack
that provides coverage for all characters used in your documents.