Can I use PDFNet to save off individual PDF pages to 1bit tiff or CMYK TIFF?

Q: Can I use PDFNet to save off individual PDF pages to 1bit tiff?
Also can I render PDF as CMYK or do color separations ?
A: PDFNet SDK can be used to render PDF 1-bit monochrome or CMYK

As a starting point, please take a look at PDFDraw sample project

To export monochrome, G4 compressed TIFF images you can specify "BPC"
parameter in the optional render 'hints' object. For example:

static ObjSet hint_set = null;
static Obj mono_hint= null;
void MyRenderPDF(Page page)
  // Initialize render render hint parameters. There parameters can be
used to control the
  // rendering process. In this case we tell the rasterizer to export
the image as
  // Obj & ObjSet are located in the pdftron.SDF namespace
  if (hint_set == null) {
     hint_set = new ObjSet();

     // If you would like to render PDF using the monochrome
     mono_hint = hint_set.CreateDict();
     mono_hint.PutNumber("BPC", 1);

     // If you would like to render PDF using the CMYK rasterizer....
     cmyk_hint = hint_set.CreateDict();
     cmyk_hint.PutName("ColorSpace", "CMYK");

pdfdraw.SetImageSize(1000, 1000);
// Or pdfdraw.SetDPI(200);

pdfdraw.Export(page, "out.tif", "TIF", mono_hint);

As of version 4.1 PDFNet will support direct CMYK and DeviceN
rendering besides RGB, Gray, and monochrome rasterizers which are
already available.

A preliminary version that includes CMYK and DeviceN rasterizers is
ready for download (

The basic use case is illustrated in the following code:

PDFNet.SetDefaultDeviceCMYKProfile(input_path +
PDFNet.SetDefaultDeviceRGBProfile(input_path + "AdobeRGB1998.icc");

draw.Export(page, outname, "TIFF", cmyk_hint);


For testing, you can also use the latest pdf2image command-line
utility (, which includes --cmyk
(or -k) export option. The following pdf2image command-line will
convert 'my.pdf' to CMYK TIFF:
  pdf2image --format tiff --cmyk -o OUT my.pdf