Can I use PDFNet to substitute PDF content serverside?

Q: We would like to use PDFNet SDK to substitute content of both
text-, image- and pathobjects serverside.
- Can you tell us if this is possible?
- If so - will it alter the quality of our PDFs?
- Are there any restrictions?
A: Using PDFNet SDK ( you can edit PDF and replace
PDF content (either server-side or as part of a desktop application).
As a starting point for your project, you may want to take a look at
ElementEdit sample project (
samplecode.html#ElementEdit). Also you may want to search for
"ElementEdit" in PDFNet Knowledge Base (

Regarding resulting document quality, it really depends on the type of
editing your are performing. If you choose to replace all images with
low resolution images, the resulting PDF file will be of lower quality
(and will most likely be smaller in size). Alternatively, you can
replace images with higher quality images. In most cases, PDF quality
will not be affected since text and vector graphics are resolution
independent. PDFNet SDK preserves all color spaces and properties
during editing so the modified objects and elements will be as close
to the original as possible (i.e. you will not see color or
information loss etc).

PDFNet SDK does not impose any restrictions when it comes to content
editing, however it does assume that the API user is familiar with the
general structure of PDF documents. Text editing in PDF can be tricky,
however it is possible to work around it.