Can I use PDFNetC 9.0.* or 9.1.* with vs2012?

Product: PDFNetC

Product Version: 9.0.* or 9.1.*

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Can I use this version of PDFNetC with VS2012? We have a very legacy product which consumped the PDFNetC (version 4, very old). This product is developed and built with VS2012. Recently we want to upgrade PDFNetC to fix some security issues, but we may not upgrade vs2012. In this case, if we upgrade PDFNetC to 9.*, can we still use vs2012? or we must upgrade to vs2017 or above? Or would you be able to provide a PDFNetC version built with VS2012?


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Yes, you can use PDFNetC version 9 with Visual Studio 2012 (actually, 2008 and above).