Can I use PDFTron PDF library from VB6?

Q: I am developing an application using VB6 and would like to use
PDFNet SDK. How can I access PDFNet from VB6?
A: PDFNet SDK is available as a .NET, JAVA, or C/C++ component. Since
you are developing using VB6 (i.e. not using VB.NET) you would most
likely need to use 'PDFNet for C/C++'. Probably the simplest approach
would be to use C/C++ to implement a custom ActiveX control that you
can directly access from VB6. Instead of implementing wrappers for all
PDFNet methods you would only expose the minimum functionality (e.g. a
single function call to perform a given function).

Since PDFNet is also available as a plain "C" DLL, you could try to
invoke C functions directly from VB6 (there are some tools on the Net
that can be used to generate VB6 function declarations directly from
DLLs or 'C' headers).