Can I use 'SaveOptions.e_linearized' to optimize PDF documents?

Q: We are using the following code for optimizing the PDF.

doc.Save( pdfFilePath,pdftron.SDF.Doc.SaveOptions.e_linearized);

When we optimize the PDF file using PDFTron PDFNet API, the optimized
file size is 50 mb. When we optimize the same document using Acrobat
Pro, the optimized file size is 8 mb.

A: ‘pdftron.SDF.Doc.SaveOptions.e_linearized’ flag is used to save PDF
files as linearized PDF documents. The linearization process modifies
the structure of PDF so that a PDF document can be byte served and can
be faster opened in a web-viewer. This option is also known as ‘fast
web view’.

The linearization process also removes unused objects which could
potentially decrease the output file size, however it is not the same
as the ‘PDF optimization’ performed by PDFNet. PDFNet’s optimization
can optionally downgrade image quality by down-sampling (or

resampling) images or stripping away certain data structures (such as
form, annotations, etc). Usually this is a lossy process.

See the following for sample code: