Can PDFNet SDK be used to implement PDF optimization?


We are looking for a component that can compress and optimize PDFs
that already exist. Can PDFNet SDK be used to implement PDF


You can use PDFNet SDK ( to implement various
optimizations on existing PDF documents such as removal of embedded
fonts, image sub-sampling, image recompression, etc.

The optimizations you choose to implement will usually depend on the
type of PDF documents you are dealing with. There are many possible
ways to optimize existing PDF documents and the implementation may
require advanced knowledge of PDF format.

For example, if you are mainly dealing with scanned (i.e. raster based
PDF-s) you may want to recompress (and/or subsample) all images. In
this case you may want to take a look at JBIG2 sample project:

If you are dealing with lots of text documents you may want to subset
or remove embedded fonts (see
For more optimization options and ideas you may want to search for
"PDF optimization" in PDFNet SDK Knowledge Base:

You can also leverage PDFTron's expertise with PDF optimization (and
PDF technology in general) through our consulting and software
development services ( In this
case PDFTron's team can implement optimizations that are custom
tailored for your workflow.