Can PDFNET work with postscript files?

One of our print customers can provide us with a postscript file containing stylized print images of their customer's statements. We then must programmatically modify these pages, for example sort statements for mailing, add postal service barcodes, add mailer inserter marks, possibly remove some content, etc.

We already do this for PDF statements utilizing PDFNET. But I am asking if PDFNET will allow us to load and work with postscript documents in a similar way. Perhaps there is a very simple way to convert a postscript file to PDF, and then we could work with PDFNET for the work we must do. Perhaps you can suggest a better approach?

Unfortunately, PDFNet does not provide built-in PS to PDF conversion. However, if you are running on Windows, then if you have a program installed that’s able to print PS documents, then PDFNet can leverage the Windows printing subsystem to convert those documents to PDF.