Cannot hide LineAnnotation


I have stage behavior when I’m trying to hide LineAnnotation by using flag Hidden or NoView. I change this flag but the annotation is not disappearing and it is still visible on PDF. In XFDF this value is changed. In the other annotations, it works well and annotations are hidden

Can somebody confirm this bug?


Thank you for contacting us about this. In order for us to reproduce the issue you are experiencing, are you able to provide us with a sample file with the code you are using to set the flags? In addition, what are you using to view the files with (WebViewer, Adobe Reader)?

Thank you in advance for the additional information.

I’m using WebViewer.

This is how it looks in my xfdf. I tried changing this Hidden flag to NoView also. I set the flag in this way el.setAttribute(“Hidden”, value); where the “value” is true or false.