Cannot view xod converted file in sample ReaderControl

I am trying to evaluate the conversion quality with the different settings on the DocPub tool, but I am unable to view my converted xod files in the ReaderControl Sample provided here :
However, when i use the sample xod in the PDFNet SDK, the file will open correctly. Is there something i am missing in my conversion process?

Here is my DocPub command to conver: docpub -f xod newsletter.pdf (used the sample pdf given)

I’m not sure where you got the link for as that should probably not be on the site anymore.

In particular Silverlight is no longer supported by Microsoft (other than critical security fixes) and is essentially an obsolete technology. Also, and this is the issue you ran into, the latest XOD files are by default not compatible with our older Silverlight viewer.

Instead, our latest HTML5 WebViewer is the preferred one to use, as it works on all modern browsers and devices, and will work with your XOD file.

Also, note that XOD files are actually XPS files, so you can change the file extension to .xps and double click the file on a Windows OS to view the file directly. That is a quick way to test the conversion.

To view your XOD file in our HTML5 WebViewer, just follow these steps to view your XOD file.

  1. Download WebViewer:

  2. Unzip in a folder that your server is hosting

  3. Copy your XOD file to samples/files folder

  4. In your browser load the WebViewer/index.html

  5. Select Samples from the top

  6. Select the WebViewer.js Custom Controls sample

  7. In the “Load Document” text field enter “…/files/your_file.xod” and press enter.