Can't export RichMedia annotation

I created RichMedia annotation like here It works fine. After, I had tried to export this annotation: FDFDoc fdoc_new = mPDFDoc.fdfExtract(PDFDoc.e_both);

String annotsString = fdoc_new.saveAsXFDF();
In this string i can see all my annotations except RichMedia annotation. Can you help me?

RichMedia content is a new feature part of the upcoming PDF standard, and is not currently part of the XFDF standard. In particular, XFDF, being a XML format is not ideal for binary data, such as videos.

If you can store FDF (which is binary format) then you would keep the RichMedia.

If this is not possible, it would be best if you explained what your overall objective is, and we can advise further.

I don’t want export binary data exactly. I just want to export RichMedia like HighlightAnnots, TextAnnots, where, in String, it will be the information about annotation type, it’s coordinates, page, date, uniqueId(I set it, when create RichMedia). Is it possible?

Yes, this is possible. I would make the annotation something simple, like a Rect annotation. Either when you create the annotation in the first place, or just before exporting. You change the type manually using

richmedia_annot.GetSDFObj().PutName(“Subtype”, “Square”); // case sensitive


Then when importing again later, you can use the unique ID to convert back to RichMedia.