Change redaction annotation name from default value


I want to change the default value from “Redaction Region” for a redaction annotation in the redaction panel - manually and through code, how is it possible in both ways?

Hi Surya,

The “Region Redaction” is a string representing an area that was redacted (the alternative being text that was redacted).

You can change this string by adding an additional translation configuration from the WebViewer Options.

  additionalTranslations: {
    'en-US': {
      'redactionPanel.redactionItem.regionRedaction': 'Custom Text Here',

For the change to be reflected in all languages you would have to add it for each one.

Please refer to the API for this option here to get the other languages keys:

Alternatively, you could fork the WebViewer-UI and customize it
Here is a guide for more info:

Best Regards,
Ahmad Moaaz
Software Developer