Clear existing annotation form the WebViewer

WebViewer Version: ‘8.6.1’

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I need to clear the annotation which i am loading for the previous documents.
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I am using the WebViewer to load xod documents and their respective annotation through XFDF data.
I am using the code

  documentViewer.on("documentLoaded", async () => {

But when I am switching the XOD documents the annotations of the previously opened documents are also repeated. I need a way so that annotation of the respective documents are only show in the viewer

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Hi Indranath,

The event documentLoaded will trigger whenever any document is loaded. In this case, it is causing your first documents xfdf data to be added on every document load.

If you want to trigger the event only once, you can do this

  documentViewer.on("documentLoaded", async () => {
  }, { once: true });

Docs: PDFTron WebViewer Class: DocumentViewer

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